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Netlink has a comprehensive collection of Internet Services!

Dial-up Accounts Website Services
Dedicated Connections Domain Name Registration

Whether you just want to surf the web and get E-mail or if you are interested

in creating a presence for your business on the Internet, Netlink can help.



Cost (client US West charges not included)

Dial-up Services
Setup Monthly Annual
E-mail E-mail access only (with dialup)
Extra private e-mail boxes(w/o dialup)
$42.00 $18.00
Budget 15 hours access ($1/hr thereafter), E-mail, 1-MB disk for personal web site $9.00 $90.00
Individual Unlimited* access time, E-mail, 6-MB disk for personal web site $18.00 $180.00

ISDN Dial-Up**

Unlimited* access time, E-mail, 6-MB disk for personal web site


Static IP Dial-Up 200 hours of dial-up access ($0.25/hr thereafter), E-mail, 6-MB disk for personal web site. Dialup IP doesnt change. DNS service included. Great for personal FTP server or web server. (yourcompany.netlinkcom.com) $25 $23.00 $240.00
*No line camping please. This is not a dedicated connection. We do not charge for time over a specified amount, but please keep your dial-in sessions to 5-hours or less. You can always dial-in again!
**ISDN Services
An order with USWest must be placed for your ISDN circuit prior to setting up your ISDN service with us. The following US West ISDN information is available: service description, pricing, availability and ordering.

Web Services
Setup Monthly Annual
Virtual Website Hosting
20M disk space, E-mail, Dialup, unlimited access time, CGI-BIN setup/access, FrontPage Extensions, (does not include domain name registration) $50 $35.00 $360.00
Virtual FTP Server A secure FTP server (Password Protected) with Anonymous FTP access. Domain name registration required. Use for transferring larger files to and from customers. $25 $25.00

$10.00 with Virtual Web Site


$108.00 with Virtual Web Site

Domain Name Registration Reserve the Domain name of your choice. (www.yourcompany.com) $50
(Does not cover InterNIC Charges)
Web Development Web authoring services. Netlink can completely design a new web site or update a current one. $40/hr

Dedicated Internet Connections
Setup Monthly Annual

Dedicated 33.6Kb Dial-Up

Static IP, dedicated modem, routed IP addresses, E-mail, 6 MB disk space.



ISDN 64 – Dedicated** Dedicated 64K, Static IP address, E-mail, 6-MB disk space $50.00



Miscellaneous Services


Disk Space Additional hard drive space on server $0 $5 per 5 MB $48.00
Internet Consulting Internet setup at your home or office, Web site development, Internet solutions. $40 per hour (1/2 hour minimum)