Welcome to St. Cloud’s Downtown
Downtown is an increasingly growing district anchored by the beautiful Mississippi River. Conveniently located just off Hwy 23 — it is the central business district of St. Cloud. Home to the offices of the City and County governments, ING Direct and the Civic Center just to name a few. It is as rich in history as it is in hospitality.

New energy is spurring new developments throughout Downtown. This energy is spearheaded by the Downtown Council in partnership with several public and private organizations.

The Future of St. Cloud’s Downtown

  • An historic, quaint, and upbeat riverfront Downtown that is a vibrant arts and entertainment center.
  • A thriving, progressive, 24-hour Downtown that is the regional business center.
  • A fun, inviting, pedestrian-friendly Downtown that is wholesome, friendly, and family-oriented.
  • Both progressive and historic, Downtown is a definite destination.
  • A place you want to go for a multitude of reasons and a great place to work, live walk, shop and play.

Downtown Map
The Downtown Council has developed a map and directory for shopping, accommodations, arts & theatre, night life, and dining in Downtown St. Cloud.
For a copy of the map, send an request or download.

Visiting or Moving to the St. Cloud Area

You don’t need to spend months settling in, let Newcomer Service be your guide.

St. Cloud Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Take a Walking Tour of our Historic Downtown
According to local lore, it was John Lyman Wilson who named the city after reading a biography of Napoleon in which the Paris suburb of St. Cloud was mentioned. In the mid-1850s, the area that was to become downtown St. Cloud was called “Middle Town.”

watercolor by jim povich
The Central Business District of Downtown St. Cloud is on the National Historic Registry, where you will find twenty-one fine red-pressed and cream-colored brick buildings built in the 1880-1930s.

To request a copy of the Historic Walking Brochure, .

The Granite Trio, A Sculpture for the Granite City
Located at 600 W. St. Germain
Sculpted by the world-renowned Anthony Caponi, the Granite Trio, three distant granite creations come in harmony with each other: “The Castle,” of two layers; “the Sentinel,” tall and majestic; “the Jewel Stone,” sensuous and inviting. Each is different, one perhaps appeals to the ultra-sophisticated, another is playful and attracts children; another seems to invite touch.

This example of exquisite public art has been and continues to be an intensely human experience for those who pass by as they go about their daily lives.