Parking is an important, though often neglected, element of the urban transportation system. It plays a key role in mode choice and travel behavior, consumes a large amount of urban land, and has significant direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Policies that establish amounts and costs of parking are usually made solely by local government, but often have regional impacts.

The purpose of a parking system, again, is to encourage more frequent turnover in a concentrated urban area. The parking system in Downtown St. Cloud also helps to secure funding for ongoing maintenance and future projects such as ramp expansions or new parking ramps.

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Reasonably priced – $.50 per hour (varies by ramp)
Evenings & Weekends FREE!

Click on the following link to find a Downtown Parking Map.

Hours of Enforcement
Downtown parking meters are enforced 8 am until 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Meters are NOT enforced on weekends or Holidays.

Extended Visits
Welcome to St. Cloud’s Downtown. For those of you that plan to stay longer than two (2) hours, we recommend that you park in one of the ramps or in the parking lots with meters that allow for 4-10 hour parking. Those lots include:

Railway Lot 4 hour meters
River’s Edge Lot 4 hour meters
Timber Lot 4 hour meters
Canoe Lot 4 hour meters
Judicial Lot 4 hour meters
Civic Center Lot 4 hour meters
Canoe Lot 4 hour meters
River Boat Lot 4 hour meters
Cloverleaf Lot 10 hour meters
Swan Lot 10 hour meters


General Guidelines for Parking Permits
“A” Permits – Stalls are designated with a square red sticker on the meter. If no meter is present, signs are posted to indicate “A” parking. “A” permit holders may also park at meters with white stickers in lots 5, 8, 9 and 10.

“B” Permits – Stalls are designated with a white sticker on the meter. If no meter is present, signs are posted to indicate “B” parking.

You will be ticketed for “Expired Meter” if you park at a meter with no sticker on it and you fail to insert coins in the meter.

Where to Display Your Permit
Permits must be displayed on the lowest portion of the rearmost driver’s side window. If the permit is not in the proper position, you may be ticketed!

Part-time Employee Option
This program is fairly new and is an incentive to entice employees to park in the ramps rather than at the meters. Employees/businesses can be issued a special Paramount ramp card and then billed each month based on actual usage, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, at 40 cents per hour (more affordable than quarterly ramp card).

Contract Parking is Also Available
Civic Center Ramp , call 650-3374;
Grand Central Ramp, call 251-8075;
Paramount Ramp, call 255-1376;
Centre Square Ramp, call 251-8075

Where to Purchase Your Permit
Permits are sold by the City Cashier at City Hall; 400 2nd Street South; St. Cloud, MN 56301; 320-650-3374

For Concerns, Complaints and Suggestions regarding Parking
Contact City Hall at (320) 650-3374 (or) Downtown Council Office at (320) 257-8600