Downtown Membership Benefits

To be a Downtown Member, you can have following benefits:

1. Promoting Growth Through Financial Incentives!

An immediate success, the Downtown Council’s Improvement Loan Program is a joint venture with local banks and the Housing and Redevelopment Authority.

This program has served as the catalyst that has made numerous redevelopment projects, small and large, become reality. It is a source of borrower-friendly, below-market-rate, investment money for DTC members.

2. Our Commitment is to Quality Redevelopment.

Our members are committed to the ongoing rejuvenation of Downtown St. Cloud. Our organization provides the teamwork.

We are succeeding on many fronts to redevelop our infrastructure and create a vital atmosphere.

Over the next several years, the Downtown Council will coordinate planned improvements through private and governmental initiatives.

3. Other Membership Benefits.

  • Promotions and events
  • Advocacy for member issues
  • A unified voice for:
    • Better parking
    • Better traffic flow
    • Building Occupancy
    • Development
  • Special advertising programs
    • Newspaper & radio ads
  • Access to mailing lists & labels
  • Marquee advertising rental
  • Monthly newsletter