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St. Cloud Minnesota Downtown Council
820 W St. Germain St.
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 257-8600

Downtown Walk About, July 12th, noon-4 pm

We keep the streets closed off to cars and open to feet and wheels. People of all ages stay Downtown and try a variety of fun and healthy activities. More than 100 groups and businesses help us create the fun event. We welcome volunteers for planning and working the day of the event.  We're already making plans for this year's Walk About!

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What is the Downtown Walk About?

The Walk About is part of the international "Open Streets" movement. These Events typically involve the temporary closing of the streets or, rather, opening up of selected streets to motor vehicle traffic, making them available to all non-motorized transportation and people of all abilities.  One strategy exploding in popularity across the country is open streets events or "ciclovias.  With key messages and strategic execution, open streets events can be a powerfully persuasive experience that invites the public to re-imagine the streets as not just a place for motor vehicles, but a place for people.

Ready to Play in the Streets?

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